Union bank manager charging extra money for Gold Loans

Dear Sir,
My father has two gold loan accounts in Union bank of India Vellanti Branch,
Loan 1 : 85,ooo/-
After 13 months they charged 95000/-. After two three months I understood they charged extra money. I went to bank and I questioned bank manger,but
he was not ready to give my extra amount back, After two three hours of hot discussion finnaly he is ready to give my extra amount back
(I am ready to call media because of that he returned extra charged money).
For two gold loan accounts he charged 10000/- rupees extra, and this bank was located in rural village no one not questioning bank manger because they are
uneducated and manager was very arrogant.
Let us think how much extra money he is collecting from the customers. I don’t know was it like System error or manager mistake, ultimatly we are getting

Please try to solve this issue many poor people are loosing their money.


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