Unethical Things done by Axis Bank A/C

I didn’t pay my credit card bills from last few months as I was unemployed for few months and when I Got I made minimum payment and then my brother was hospitalized so since I was the one handling everything office n hospital I failed to answer few calls from Bank. Once when I answered I told d person my brother is hospitalised n I have financial problems I will not b able to pay now give me some time still they use to call me daily. When I didn’t had anything how can I make payment n it was disturbing since d entire day I was in hospital. Last month my brother who was hospitalized passed away. I was not in a state of mind to talk to anyone I dint answer my office calls as well. I answered call from ur bank n told them the situation I asked for 2 months n I will make the payment. I explained to them very nicely. I don’t think they understand. It not that I am not ready to pay but I need some time But your rep called Jyoti Gurav sent a field person stating I am going to make payment ND collect it. I told her there no use since I am going through all this n give me 2 months time. She was very rude and said “If Your Brother passed away that’s your problem not banks problem. My person will stay back and spoke very rudely to me.” I never expected this from axis bank. I called the other person axis bank collection who was doing a follow up with me when I was unemployed and told him. I will make the payment or I am ready for settlement please tell me the amount. He said he will call n inform me. Today I get to know they have transferred all my dues to my savings account without my consent they removed the balance amount which was unethical. It’s not that I was not ready for the payment I was I asked them for settlement and they did this. What kind of service is this. I fail to understand. And the way she spoke to me hurts me more. I know it’s not banks problem but I want you to take some action or I will go to consumer law. Because when you are ready for settlement I don’t think they should have done this.


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