Tikona- Wrong billing and threatening by legal collection department

Dear Sir/Mam,

I am writing this mail to pull your attention towards serious scam by Tikona digital network.
I am receiving threatening calls from some lawyers to pay my tikona bill whenever i had given requested to disconnect the service in month of Apr-May-2016.

I had a connection with Tikona account no 1116005818.
Since first month of connection i started to face poor speed and fluctuation during usage so i made no. of calls at call center
but there was no resolution of my problem. Every time every other agent had different communication for my account.
so I did request to close my connection many time. But nobody give me proper response and Tikona was sending Regular bill to me.
Even I hadn’t use a single bit from 11-May-2016. Suddenly after 1 year since last 1 month , Tikona started again to send mail,
sms or call to pay amount 2478/ which is totally surprised for me.
I also got call from one of agent that he was providing me discount Rs. 1278 and ask to pay Rs. 1200.
I requested many time on customer care no. to correct the bill but no proper Feedback.
After that I got a call from delhi any Ms. Deepika Sharma (adv.) was on line and was saying he had my file for legal court case registration
on 3:00 PM on 11-07-2017.
It is indirectly threatening me and They are calling me from different numbers many times. Numbers are 98999989735,9711095716
and many more… Now just tell me is this your service…
Still after one year Tikona is harassing me. Due to this Worst Tikona, Now days i am running with mentally disturbance.
if something bad happen with me, Totally Tikona will be responsible for this.

I am attaching some mails for your Reference.

Tikona Id- 1116005818


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