HDFC Complaint by Consumers

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HDFC Complaint :

HDFC Bank Credit Card complaint


This is Bhavish. I have a credit card No. XXXXXXXXX from HDFC Bank. I’m not using that credit card from past 6-7 months but making payment of minimum balance, now there was some outstanding on my a/c which I didn’t pay Because I’m not financial sound and recently I join a company after 8 months without job, I request him to give me 2 or 3 months time to recover self & start making payment of minimum balance.

HDFC Complaint

Now I am getting calls from (Tel. : No. +911143145100/ 43145300/43145000/ 66219061/9310344981/9310478907/66219031) the HDFC Bank (a person) and he harassed me & my family members and telling me to borrow money from relatives & neighbours or whosoever, they even call my wife & threatening her that if I’m not able to make the payment she’ll ruined her Job.

The representatives are talking shit. They are abusing in Hindi language and hight of bull shit that they called up to my curent organisation at all the extensions and abusing everybody even to my Seniors. They have register a complaint against HDFC Bank.Numbers were +911143145100/ 43145300/43145000/ 66219061/9310344981/9310478907/66219031.

The credit card is issued in my Name and neither my wife nor any of my family members is supposed to do anything with my credit cards.

HDFC Complaint

The person infect threatened my Mother whose (50+) & my Father whose (55+) to make the payment on my behalf.

HDFC Bank people harass customer in name of collection.

HDFC Complaint

Now you tell what should i do as when i was talking to HDFC people politly you people started abusing. Either you people abuse me or take your payment. So after listening such bullshit abusive language its not at possible that i will pay you people. i have my respect and your bank has given authorization to recovery agent to say anything whatever they want. They are saying teri maa ki and mere ghar aa jao and you people are expecting i will pay. I am very sorry for the same.

Please block my card and saving account too as i dont want to carry any relation with this bank. I was a very good customer but just because i did not pay for 2 months you people are created so much cheos for me, even i told my problems and asked for 1 week then too i listen that bull shit.

Please tell me what should I do?

HDFC Complaint



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