Fraud Case

Fraud Case in India keep writing on Online Consumer Forums

Above is a placement consultancy.they charge 1000 rs to arrange an interview and get the company for a which we have gvn money on 24 th july and was waiting for a job..during giving money they ok u wanted to.

Apply for hr and accountant so we are availablw with many big companies it sector and MNC’S but after so long on 30th july they sent me to easy solar solution where they sent me there wid out even cnfrmng them in reaching that company i got to knw abt no vaccancy there…and after which i asked fr any other company for the job..this hr empower consultancy has sent me to a small room offce at pandav ngr named as” vendor plus” pandav nagar(sp-49a) main mkt..the profile i went for was an hr but they asked me to work for calling profile means what the bull shit is this..they people.charged money and now they are harassing us for no reasons

They didnt offer jobs which was required nd mentioned and charged 1000 rs which went in vain..i want my money bach anyhow


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