Your cupid (username :Dreamygurl69)

Your cupid (username :Dreamygurl69)


This is the second person who tried to have me sign up for I reached out to a woman who called herself Kyliefun on a dating site. I received an email from her telling me that I could contact her at [email protected] and find her profile by using the name Dreamygurl69. It turns out that this is a scam as well. I am writing this in hopes that no one else will fall victim to this scam. I hope something gets done about, and soon!!!


One thought on “Your cupid (username :Dreamygurl69)

  1. This is twice. I recievd an email from a supposedly single white female.that wanted to meet. But I had to go to another site yourcupidmatches and search dreamygirl69. Someone is going to screw with the wrong person one day. This is a.scam people. Do for dreamygirl69

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