BHS 09 SCHEME, Greater Noida Authority Complaints – Different circle rate in two schemes in the same Sector (XU II Greater Noida)

Dear Sir,
I would like to inform you that 3 months before, I applied for BHS 09 Scheme. Lucky draw was announced by Greater Noida Authority on 29th May 2008. My name was in that list. I have paid my application and allotment money of Rs. 9 lacs. Now, I come to know from Greater Noida Authority’s website ( that there is a new scheme launched on 3rd July 2008 in the same sector XU III.

Plot areas for both the schemes are same, but the cost of House has large difference. The authority staff is not providing me the correct information and even they are not picking the phones. 

In BHS 09 scheme (which I have already applied), I will get a 120 Sq. Mtr. House (with ground floor construction) with the cost of 30 Lacs. But In the new scheme, you can get a 120 Sq. Mtr. Plot with the cost of 12.6 Lacs in the same Sector XU III.

The circle rate of that area is Rs. 10, 500 per Sq. Mtr.
You know that the cost of constructing of a single story can not be more then 6 Lacs.

If you compare both the schemes you will see that either they are charging 17.4 Lacs to construct a single story, or charging the double circle rate for the same area.

This is really creating a problem for me. Its look like that my hard earned money is going to waste on this. So i need not want to join this scheme further.

I am looking forward for your support
I want to withdraw my name from the BHS 09 scheme and I want my entire registration and allotment money (Rs. 9 Lacs ). I need not want to pay any penalty or deduction on this account.

Thanks & Regards,
Lalit Khanna



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