Backend-Piller no 44 textron training and recruitment fraud

Textron training and recruitment,R-51,opposite piller no 44,shakarpur,laxmi nagar,New delhi

Ankita-8459182765, Divya-8459457400
I got to know from a message from main title thats why i read it and got to know its about, my resume is selected for profile like cce, backend,and data entry in banks like. Axis,citi and hdfc banks. Come for interview 10 am to 4 pm on,r-51,laxmi nagar,opposite pillar no. 4. That’s why i visited that place. They took my cv,and told that you will have ur first round now. Mam, will tell u about our fee. Then, i ve selected for ist round and she said me to deposit 1000 rs for next round for telefonic interview direct with bank freelancer, i deposited the same as their fee,she said now ur id will be login for our services and last 3 numbers will also be ur employee id.i ve given next round also,nd a girl named gokul took my interview as freelancer HR for yes bank.she said i m selected. Now,submit 4000 for security which will be refunded alongwith ur 2nd salary. And i did. I deposited the same amount. Now, they scanned my certificates and now they told i have to come at Saturday for training carrying 4000 for training fee nd 1 photo nd cv. Then, i realize they may be fraud. I asked for refund my money. But she said i signed agreement nd accept all terms nd conditions. So, she just make me convinced that i should be calm nd focused on job in positive manner nd trust them. But they refused for money back. I am very helpless. Please help me, they cheated me 5000 nd still demands 4000 for training and offer letter. Please help

Person who called me for interview is ms ankita nd i met interviewer who asked for money nd also training expense is-ms divya
Please help, they r fraud.


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