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The most pathetic webhosters Quick2Host Consumer Forums:

1. They state 99.99% server uptime, but it is daily down for atleast 2 hours
2. After you submit your ticket, there will be no response to it unless you even call and speak to the support person. There are 3 support people whose english is very very poor. But even after you speak, the response time is normally after 48 hours which eventually sucks.
3. There are 3 contact numbers for support, they are 99.99% busy. It is normally a pain on ass to contact them.

Since yesturday my website is down and I am trying to contact them via phone, email, tickets like mad but to my surprise there is no response at all. No one is lifting the calls neither responding by mails. The company is at bangalore and I reside at Mumbai. Now I want to get the authorization code to move my website to a new web host company. Kindly suggest me the quickest way to get it. I am already very angry with this provider. Also, please suggest me some good web hosters.

I tool struggled with this people
I tool struggled with this people ,after two years i have transferred my server to another hosting provider .
Quick2host Consumer Forums is one of the worst hosting company on earth

The charged me Rs 5000 for 3 Authorizations codes
i was forced to pay ,i wen t their office paid and got my codes and transferred them there it self.

Stupid company it does not proper infrastructure at their office.

If you need any help with regards to transfer or come out of quick2host Consumer Forums
reply here

Founder CEO
Thank you very much!

I am also struggling with same situation
Every day you have to mail them. I am also planing to move on some other provider, I have lost many client due to website down problem. Customer says that if your own site is not working how can we be assured that you will work on my site.

Hell with quick2host Consumer Forums

Bed Hosting & Bed Server of Quick2host Consumer Forums

Bed Hosting of Quick2host Consumer Forums

I Call You Many Times for solving my problem on +91 9341092211
but you not received our call and dont reply u say that power problem
in your company & employee not year. and u also say that you are not
in office you are in market some types of reason. your hosting not
supported servlet . and you give us java gold plan.

and yor another contact numbers. are always switched off. which you
are shown on your website. when we call on you u say i am support
department and not sales department this type of arguments.
Quick2host Consumer Forums in Worst Service

i have purchased windows 2+1 hosting plan.. one day they shifted to linux hosting with out prior information still i modified the site to linux platform… i purchased 3 years domain and i paid fully but in this march 2013 my domain is not renewed . i asked the reason but no body responding to my query.


Nothing about them is quick Consumer Forums or dependable !!!

One needs to host their website with these guys to get the worst customer experience you have ever experienced in your life.
To them nothing really matters – if ur website is down, has been hacked … they don’t bother to address any of your queries. They bring down the server without any notice, run scans without notice, no maintenance schedule, no availability report, no response to even critical tickets … it is very very pathetic !!!
Bad service from Quick2host Consumer Forums

I have two domains on quick2host Consumer Forums . Their mail server always down and i loose my most of business.
I am trying my best to contact them but all fails. They also not gave EPP code so that i would transfer my domain.
Please suggest what i would do.

Quick2host.com Consumer Forums Unable to provide service, fake support team

My Domain mancoversonsulting.com Consumer Forums.
I transfer the domain from bigrocks to Quick2host Consumer Forums on April 2016 (I bought a sharehosting plan).
From the starting I am unable to use my mail. Everytime tech person from Quick2host Consumer Forums says IP blcoked, because the other customer (of Quick2services) who sent mass mail, thats why IP blocked.
But why should my domain effect. And ok due some problem they cant fix the issue for 1 day or 2day, I can understand. But For a long time no solution provided by Quick2host Consumer Forums.
I have raised ticket (772819) and since long time they unable to provide any service .
And sometimes, I see the ticket answer, (previous time) After I reply. which I am unable to see before I reply. They have some problem with thier ticketing application or they chit, I dont know.
In Quick2host website, they maintain 24/7 support. Which is not true (only at office hour and weekdays).
They have same phone no for all (support, sales, billing, etc).
And that Phone no (mobile) is answering by a Junior or fresher Employee (probably, Bajarang Chaudhary), (Forget about the tech support ) who even dont know how to talk to the customer. The another support person (Sneh Ranjan) who is at least good in behavior.
I have asked Bajarang to provide his Managers Phone no (but he didnt provide).

For mail service they ask me to buy Business mail plan .
But from the starting I am unable to send at least a mail, what I will do with the business mail plan.


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