Credit One Bank Consumer Reviews & Complaints

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Consumer Complaints and Reviews

Bob of Haslet, TX on

Do Not use these thieves. They are liars and will rip you off. They charged me an initial charge of $75.00 without informing me. After an hour or so on hold, the ** of a supervisor argued about every point. I paid off my entire balance and they just assessed another $3.75 interest charge. Tried to call customer service with no luck. DO NOT USE THIS PIECE OF ** OF A BANK. THEY ARE A TOTAL RIP OFF.

A. S. of Henderson, NV on

This card company takes 10 business days to process payments and that’s ridiculous. I went off 2 different bills on 11/18 at the same time and Credit One payment center that is supposedly in CA and my other payment to another company is in MI. I’m in NV… so how is it that my MI payment has already been received and cleared, but Credit One that is in CA hasn’t been received.

Also, I used the additional 4 digits on the zip code when sending this payment. My hunch is that they hold onto payments and not process them when received. I always pay in full and way before payment is due. I would pay online but they charge 9.00. When this should be a free service to customers. I also found out their customer service is in India, so they outsource work. Their payment center is in CA, their complaint center is in NV, so why are we speaking to CS reps in India that never can give answers. All the departments on their websites have address no phone numbers except for the CS number outsourced to India. This is a fact because I asked and the rep told me they were in India. I think 10 days is an excessive amount of time to process a payment. Merchants give us due date, freak out and wanna hit consumers with tons of fees if you don’t pay on time but when you pay ahead of schedule they don’t apply funds right away.

ROBERTA of Las Vegas, NV on

I feel sorry for your employees who we have to communicate with when we have a problem. They can only do so much. I have not been able to pay online like I did last year. My password and/or name is never “correct”. I’ve just closed both accounts and will pay off as soon as possible! Credit One, you are stealing from the patrons!


Thomas of Woonsocket, RI on

I received a card from Credit One Bank. I also put my fiance as an authorized user on the account. It was to be a “rainy day” card, and neither my fiance nor I ever took the card out of our billfolds. I then received a statement that had a $25 late payment fee, had a charge for $73.52 for a phantom purchase that was never made, and gave me a credit increase of $150, ALL ON THE SAME STATEMENT!!! THIS COMPANY IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM!!! They will not get another nickel of my money, I cut both cards in half and will be mailing them back. They can take me to court if they think I owe them anything. They can keep the $25 I already sent, but they’ll get no more from me!

A. of Maplewood, MN on

I have never really had an issue with his bank, other than their exorbitant interest rates, and all the extra charges that seem to pop up like Jack’s in the Box… until recently., stop it to put a bill on my credit card, that was not valid. After repeated calls to customer service, and getting nowhere, and speaking to people who barely spoke English, I went absolutely psycho.

I demanded to immediately speak to someone in corporate. I ended up speaking to a relatively nice lady, even though I wasn’t at all nice. I told her that I was sick and tired of speaking to people who couldn’t speak English. And that should she not have this charge that was not a valid removed from my account by the time my due date came around, that the same way they attempted to screw me without kissing me, I was going to do the same to them.

So, unbelievable, but within 48 Hours not only was the erroneous charge removed and credited to my account, but so was the replacement fee for the new card. My next move is this bank, is to reduce my interest rate, as well as my outrageous yearly fee. My once decent credit score Now sucks, but it is no fault of this particular company. It is because I had other cards who did the same kind of crap, and never credited my account for the hundreds of dollars that they either erroneously or fraudulently charged me.

So as a result, I did exactly as I told this bank I would do if they continued to try to make me pay for something that was not my responsibility, and I just simply stopped paying those bills. If you think this bank is bad, whatever you do, do not allow yourself to become involved with Verve, as they are straight-up mobsters and Loan Sharks pretending to be a bank. And oddly enough, Capital One literally screwed me beyond belief and thought I was going to just lay down and take it.

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Brian of Cedar Lake, IN on

I just got this card, had it for one month. You can’t ever log into the website, you can’t retrieve any information. I never received a statement so I called in to find out what the issue was. Surprise surprise, a late fee! After reading all the complaints here, I decided to pay off the $67.00 in fees I had accumulated, although I never used the card, and close the account.

When I called, no one speaks good English (surprise again) and to my astonishment, Customer Service girl (“Daisy” – sure) refused to let me pay off the balance and close the account. My reason(s) were not good enough and she insisted that I keep the account open for a few more months. I told her no, I wanted it closed – I do not need a reason that fits her criteria. I asked for and received her ID number. She then continued to tell me she was keeping the account open anyway. After arguing for 15 minutes, I hung up and tried to start the process over with someone else.

It took 5 consecutive phone calls before I even got to speak to anyone. (The phone would just hang up after waiting on hold for 5 minutes.) When I was finally connected to someone I was told my account was already closed. I asked how they could close my account with a balance? I gave no payment information? The person could tell me nothing, only that the screen told him my account was closed. If you are looking to rebuild credit, please find another way – misery here.

Jeaninne of Milwaukee, WI on

Received a pre-approved credit with them and because their header is so similar to Capital One I made the mistake to get the card. Once I received the card I realized that it was not what I wanted because there was an annual fee of $75 and I didn’t remember seeing that at the time I applied. So I called to cancel the card and at that time I also saw a $1.26 interest charge even though I had paid the charge timely. When I asked why the interest I was told that they charge an interest charge as soon as a charge appears in the account. With that said I cancelled the account.

That was on 10/13/16 and I was told it will be 30 days before I get the check. It has been now 38 days and no check. I have called 4 times with no success, actually on hold for about 15 mins to speak with a supervisor. Still no supervisor available. I have never had an experience like this with any credit card company and have been using credit cards for close to 40 years. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY!

matthew of Lauderhill, FL on

I been with Credit One for a short while. They are the worst company that I ever went with. When I started with this company they never told me about the annual fee and I had to dispute a charge. They said I had to talk to the merchant, told them I already did talk to them. They would not do anything. Also, Credit One said you need to write a letter to file a dispute. This is not how a credit card company is suppose to be. They are the worst.

enida of San Lorenzo, CA on

This is not a company to have a card with. They don’t call you back. People don’t know how to handle business. You have to call a million time and tell them how to handle things. I been going back and forth about a charge that I didn’t do then they put you on hold and hang up on you. That just why I cancel my card with them. They do not handle things at all. All they good for is putting you on hold. Smh. I hate Credit One Bank. If you know like I know don’t get this card. The budget people put the money back in my account but they act like they is going to steal it from you. One person say they see the refund but nothing have been done about it. They treat you like a stepchild. Never again would I get another card from them in my life.

Randi of Baton Rouge, LA on

Credit One is the worst company you would ever want to apply to. If you looking to rebuild your credit get Capital One. They are the best!! My Credit One account was close because I made 3 payments on my account in a month’s time. I was told that it look like fraudulent. In fact they accept the fraudulent looking payments. I mail in proof that it was my account. I made the payment and they still close my account. They will be hearing from my attorney. No one told me that I couldn’t make more than one payment on my account a month. Run far far away.

Tamara of Dundalk, MD on

I called Credit One bank because I couldn’t pay my bill online, and when I went to talk to someone, I was told that the bank I put down had the wrong information, when 2 days ago someone called me to collect a payment and I even had a confirmation number that was giving to me. They are waste of my time and breath to be dealing with. I definitely will not be doing business with them anytime soon, and I definitely will recommend them to anyone. Next time I’ll consider reviewing this company and beware of their tricky ways before I apply for them.

Richard of Independence, KY on

Watch the letter they send for confirmation… On page one it shows $0 annual. I just turned it over and noticed there is $75 annual fee. When it said 0 on the front I just looked at the APR. After I saw the $75 I tried to call them. Took a dozen tries to get someone to talk to and as soon as I said “cancel this card” all of a sudden they couldn’t hear me. Call back again, finally someone with very broken English. This was a job but finally got it canceled. Never again. Get out the magnifying glasses and look it over real good. Just stay away from these people is the best thing to do…

Ghaith of Houston, TX on

I was new to this country and mistaken Credit One with Capital One! Since I dealt with them I found that there are plenty other better options for you for the following reasons: They put a max of 4 online payments every cycle (no clear count of the number of your payments is displayed). No phone app to log in and manage your account. Once you pay on the phone they charge you $9.00 service fee (higher than most). I’m seriously considering to stop using the card and eventually close the account.

Towmeah of Saint Paul, MN on

I have a platinum card with them. I have paid off my balance a few times. They increase my amount so I was late one payment because I paid it through my bank and it took alot longer than it should have. I received a call stating that the payment was late and as the lady is talking I pulled my bank account up. Gave her the date.

I made the payment. It said it was sent. She began to say that my payment increased which was a bold face lie because my min is 25.00. I send more than my minimum. She said it was 78.00. I said, “You all send me text when it due. Why can’t you send an email when the payment increased?”. So I ended the conversation by saying “One payment late and you got an attitude because it’s there but it takes a while ma’am.” You’re full of it. I am paying this card off and closing it how about that… funny thing is I got my statement mailed my payment is still 25.00.

Rafael of Los Alamitos, CA on

I had paid off my card on 10/20 when my bill was due on 11/2. They report to bureaus on 11/5. On 11/5 they stuck me with their monthly “annual” $8.25 charge and interest on my balance I paid on 10/20. The issue with that is they don’t give you an opportunity to ever have a zero balance reported to your credit bureaus. There is always going to be a balance. I argued all the way up to 2 managers who told me it is Credit One’s policy to always bill on the reporting day cycle so you NEVER have a zero balance. Unbelievable but true. I had asked earlier in the week to raise my $700 limit and they used the excuse my balance was too high at times, but they never allow you to have a zero balance unless you overpay before your due date. In one year I paid them $3700 in payments on a card with a $700 limit and they said no to a credit increase as well.

barbara of Kountze, TX on

I have had this card 1 month and I wanted to check where it had been used. Tried to sign in to my account, but couldn’t. I called customer service and they were of no help. She was rude like I owed her. So back online again the next day because I was so frustrated the first and tried to sign in and again I could not at that time they said. This card is like First Premier that I paid in full and canceled and this card will be canceled shortly. I blame myself. I felt like I should not have accepted credit from them. Hard lesson learned. Please people stay away from this card co.

Ysraelia of Evanston, IL on

On Saturday, 10/15, I tried making a payment online but their system was down. I had a min payment due of $12.50 but wanted to pay most of the balance off, so when the rep came on I asked to make a payment using my debit card for $200. The rep told me the system was indeed down and he would have to use my checking account info instead. I gave him that and authorized the ONE payment from checking. On Monday, 10/17, I saw the money had been deducted from my account. On Tuesday, 10/18, I got another alert that the same amount had been taken out again! I called right away and was told I would receive a refund within 24-72 hours.

By Friday evening (72 hours/3rd business day), there was still nothing. I got my bank involved, who refunded me immediately. The FOLLOWING week Tuesday, Credit One issued my refund they had promised and then charged me a $12 late fee because they said both payments had been refunded so they actually had not gotten EITHER payment. The supervisor reversed the $12.00 charge, and I AGAIN paid them $200. The next day, I received an email saying that my minimum payment was past due and that I should make a payment. When I tried opening my account to investigate online, a message popped up saying that I could not access my account. When I called to find out what was wrong, I was then told that the account was suspended due to fraudulent activity on the card. All this from THEIR original mistake of taking two payments. As of 10/31, I still cannot gain access to my account. I will be closing it as soon as it is paid off.

While the company is listed as being in Las Vegas, there are no emails listed to write to someone. You can’t leave a message on their website. They have a twitter page with pretty much no activity. Their FB page is full of complaints. It at least looks as if someone monitors that page and responds to complaints, but so far my message has not been dealt with. Last time I called was Saturday night, 15 minutes before they “close”. Wouldn’t you know, with two minutes to spare–my phone convo was terminated. POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Timothy of Parma, OH on

I applied for this card not knowing that it had a monthly fee. I canceled the card. I was still charged a monthly fee as well as late fees. I now owe $61.05 and never used the card. The company refuses to refund the money even though I never used the card and called to cancel it as soon as I learned there was a monthly fee. Beware of this company.

robert of Philadelphia, PA on

I applied for an account on September 7 2016 and got a call from their fraud department to verify that I applied because I have a statement on my file. Everything was approved the end of September. I got a letter asking me to send them copies of my ID social security card and proof of address. I faxed all this information to them on Sept 29th and called them and they said they received it and account was approved and my card would be sent. The site shows and sent on Oct 6 and I should give it till the 16 and if I don’t get it call them.

On September 17 called and the automated system shows my card was activated after speaking to the guy. I spoke again to them and told them I never received my card. A gentleman from the Philippines told me they would send me a new card in the mail. The automated system shows I had a balance of 94.00 which is the fee and authorized user fee. That was fine. I paid 50.00 because 25.00 was due. The next day I called to verify that the payment posted because I paid the extra 9.95 for same day with my debit card. My call immediately went to a customer service agent with broken English telling me my account was locked and I need to send them verification again of my identity. I told them how funny is that I make a payment and then you block my account asking for same thing I already sent. They said, “We cannot unblock till we receive this information”.

I called back today and demanded to speak to corporate and after 3 people I finally got someone in Vegas who speaks English. I told her I already did this and she looked and found the information and said she was sending to fraud to have my account unlocked and able to use. I will find out. I told her this sounds like deceptive practice and fraud on part of the bank because you wait till I make a payment then freeze account asking for same information. I should have read these complaints before I got this card. I just got my new card in mail today and is useless till they fix it if they ever do.

Stevie of Modesto, CA on

I had a Credit One card for several years. I opened this card when I was young to establish credit. I have always been VERY responsible with my credit and have NEVER made a late payment in my life. This past January, I came into some money and decided to pay off my balances on all my credit cards. It wasn’t much, but it felt nice to be debt free. I made one lump payment for the total balance on my Credit One card and never heard from them again. Then two days ago (October) I received a notice in the mail for a collection agency stating that they had purchased my debt of $345 from another debt collector. I traced the original debt back to Credit One!

I panicked and pulled my credit report and discovered that after I had made what I thought was my final payment, there was still a balance due of $31. The strange thing was, I stopped receiving statements after I made my final payment. I had always received statements when there was a balance prior to my attempting to pay off the full balance and then all of sudden the statements just stopped. Naturally, I assumed there was no balance. My mistake. $314 in late fees and 48 points down on my credit report later I learned my lesson. When I called Credit One to address this issue, the response from “John” ID number ** was “I don’t know what to tell you” and “It’s been sold to a collection agency”.

It was suspicious that when I asked what address my statements were going to, he could not tell me, he could only “confirm” what was on the statement. Also suspicious was the fact that he could not email or fax me my statements, only mail them. Hmmm. This feels more and more like an irresponsible and dishonest company that attempts to collect money by purposely withholding statements and charging ridiculous late fees to trusting clients thereby damaging their credit in the process. I have learned my lesson. My hope is that my story with this horrible company will save someone the stress and injury of dealing with this truly dishonest and shameful company.

henrietta of Perris, CA on

I mailed a payment into your company the first of the month and I was sure the payment had been made. On 18 October I got a call and was told that I hadn’t sent in my payment and was asked to make another payment which included a late fee. I checked my statement and found out that my check had been cashed the day before the call was made. I am very dissatisfied with the way my account was processed. I want to know how are they going to correct that error and to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

Andrew of Glen Cove, NY on

We made bad mistake opening a credit card account with this bank. The reason – they seem to impersonate Capital One Bank, where we do the majority of our banking. Same logo, same font – we thought we were opening a Capital One, not a Credit One, account. My wife used the card a few times but there was no further communication – no PIN number, no statement, no letter – nothing, not like Capital One at all. So we visited the local branch of Capital One (very helpful and friendly staff). They said “no, this is CREDIT ONE who are well known for copying Capital One.” We contacted their automated phone system – we had already been charged $75 joining fee and were already charged $25 late fee (we were already late despite receiving no statement). I phoned them to pay in full immediately, using their automated system, and was charged $9.95 for the pleasure.

We started the process of trying to contact them to cancel everything (this is not going to be a good on-going relationship!). No answer from customer service, unbelievably no one available to take our call, call back later. I called for 4 days – no-one available to take calls. All telephone numbers on their website led to this same answer phone system – no one available. No email address on their website so we sent letters cancelling everything to all the address’s quoted on their website – no response 2 weeks later. We then struck lucky – someone answered on the customer service number after 6 days of trying. We said we wish to cancel everything immediately. They argued. We said cancel – they argued. After 10 minutes of this they eventually said they would cancel and this will be the November statement. And that’s where we are as of today.

Will they action our request to cancel, or will we receive, as I fear, another bill in November with another round of fees and charges. I received today our first statement from them, stating we still owe them $217.20 of which $121.52 are fees and charges. Obviously we have stopped using this card and will take great pleasure in cutting into small pieces as soon as we have confirmation all is cancelled. I have never received such terrible service from any financial institution and can only come to the conclusion they only care about charging fees whenever possible and basically ripping customers off in anyway they can – even down to impersonating other far more reputable banks such as Capital One. BEWARE THIS ORGANISATION!

Robin of Cape Coral, FL on

These people and this company are a utter and complete joke. I got this card to attempt to rebuild my credit, but have had nothing but problems… When I withdrew cash with MY pin # from an ATM machine within days my card was blocked for suspicious activity. When I called and questioned it, I was told the block would be removed shortly… shortly was 4 days… no access to any $$$$$ that I just paid on my bill. Called yesterday to check my available credit limit and it was 44.00. This morning my credit limit is 0.00 even though I haven’t used the card in days.

When I called, yet again to question it the fella tells me that the billing cycle and my statement went out and I hadn’t made a payment… well, numbnuts when my account was blocked and I couldn’t access my acct to make my payment on the scheduled due date… this place is a joke. You never have access to anything that you paid. There are more rules and regulations and ** that they don’t tell you until your ** is blocked. Canceling this card ASAP. Good Luck Folks.

Michelle of Dunkirk, MD on

I am always annoyed at trying to make a payment to these people. I can never understand a word they are saying. They constantly have hidden fees that they charge you for. I keep this card for emergencies ONLY!!! It has no rewards to it at all. I would not recommend it to my dog.

John of Chicago, IL on

I had a card with Credit One for about a year that I was keeping a low balance on to help build up my credit score. I didn’t have any real issues with them until I had to get a new bank card. I went to pay my balance off on my credit one card and forgot to update to my new account information. They almost instantly locked my account. When I called to try and get the account unlocked they wanted me to jump through hoops claiming that I had sent a payment from an inactive account on purpose and that I needed to validate my identity. While dealing with this they added fees for failure to process the payment and for late fees since you was unable to access my account. Then they sent my account to collections. My $50 balance is now $360 because of mistake that they refused to resolve.

Jessica of Newport, AR on

Received a preapproved offer. Never received card. Called. Card sent. Activated card. Registered card online in order to pay and have access to info immediately. Went to account page where it said due date was Oct. 19. Saw limit. Saw balance. Never used card. Called to see why credit available was 0. Spoke with a service rep who informed me that the card was never activated. How, pray tell, could I receive information via the automated service regarding the account if indeed it was never activated? Rude responses. Sounded fishy telling me to disregard balance. Hmmm. Got a gut feeling that something isn’t quite right. And what’s wrong with having someone working for customer service that speaks plainly and clearly?

TONIA of Baltimore, MD on

I called the company 16 total times to pay off, close account, get a refund of my 600.00 security and was hung up on 100% of the time. On 10/21/2016 I called the company from my phone 14 times, my boyfriend’s phone twice. Each time I was hung up on. The first 5 or so times I thought it was a problem with the connection. After, when I spoke with a man, explained I wanted to close the account, he pretended to transfer me to 3-4 so called managers even though it was the same man each time. He finally transferred me to a woman named Michelle who said she closed my account after asking me if it was ok to charge my bank the 52.20 remaining on my account.

Then when I asked for a refund of my 600.00 security, she told me she could not hear me, the connection was bad and for me to call back, then hung up again. I spent two hours and 16 calls trying with these people. I am LIVID that a company is allowed to function and scam people in this country. Not only would they refuse to talk to me about the refund but the account still remains open. So they can continue to charge me interest I am sure. I have contacted the BBB to intervene. Horrific company.

joseph of East Carbon, UT on

Someone opened a credit card in my name. When I received the cards I did not activate them but shredded them. Then I received a bill from them. I called and told them that I did not apply for the credit card. The manager closed the account. 2 days later I get 2 more cards with different #s thru fedex. I called Credit One Bank again. This time she closed it and gave me a # that was suppose to show it closed. She said she put a fraud alert on the account. The next day I receive a letter from credit one bank saying they received my change of address. I called again. This time they told me that they credit one sent out new cards to the address in Florida, but that “they would not be able to charge anything on the cards. We even put a password on the acct.”

Today I received 2 letters both dated the same day. One said suspicious activity on the acct and it has been temporary suspended. The other letter states that the account has been reopened. This time when I called 407.00 worth of charges on this acct. The person I was talking to said I had to submit a police report, and that his manager would call me back, to tell me what all I needed to send to them. As of now I have not heard back. 4 times I’ve had to call these people. Most of them could not even hardly speak English. Putting a password or fraudulent acct on this acct. did no good keeping the identity theft from going forward because their customer service paid no attention to them.

Bobbie of Miami Beach, FL on

The worst customer service! I called today to get some account information and was not prompted to speak with a representative. I was not given an option to connect with a representative, I was finally connected when I did not select an option. The representative that I finally spoke to was not helpful with my questions and finally hung up on me. I suggest if they want to keep their customers they should work on their phone etiquette and actually listen to what their customers are saying instead of talking over them and ultimately hanging up.

Sean of Bayville, NJ on

I got a letter the other day saying that I was pre-approved for a card with a $1500 limit. Thinking it was capital one and since I have accounts with capital one I was like sure guess I will apply for this new card. When I looked for the website I noticed that it wasn’t a straightforward site that says what brand card it is. I went to capital one and clicked on the pre-approval section so I could apply that way. The first thing I noticed is that capital one is 16-digit code while this back is 12. As soon as I seen this I only noticed that it actually wasn’t a capital one card or any company that I have ever heard of before. Just would like people to realize it’s not capital one like I thought it was.


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